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Make the perfect Christmas menu with our recipes! - #1: Sparkling Mai Tai

Christmas is coming, and we have all started to rush on the Internet to get THE perfect Christmas Menu. From Christmas appetizers, to creative main dishes and/or Christmas original desserts, we all want the same thing: get the perfect Christmas table!

Don’t worry, we are here to help you: we will publish over the coming days 5 articles with original and easy to make recipes, which will be the success of your Christmas dinner!

We are going to start today with an easy, but very original cocktail. It will be the perfect start to your Christmas Eve: the Sparkling Mai Tai.

Watch the video of the recipe in our YouTube channel:

Here are the ingredients you will need for this Christmas Cocktail for 10 people:  

- 10 champagne glasses
- 1 shaker + measuring jug
- 1 siphon + 2 soda loads

- 50ml White rum (we recommend the “Arehucas Carta blanca”)
- 50ml Mature rum “Arehucas Carta Oro”
- 30ml Falernian wine (or almond liquor)
- 120ml pineapple juice
- 60ml pomegranate juice
- 40ml lemon juice
- 40ml red curaçao

To decorate:
- 10ml White rum (we recommend the “Arehucas Carta blanca”)
- 5g White sugar


Prepare the Mai Tai
1. Pour all the ingredients into the shaker.
2. Cover and shake to mix the ingredients.
3. Once the cocktail is mixed, pour it into the siphon, close it and store it.

Glasses Decoration
1. Wet the glasses edge into the rum.
2. Sink the glasses edge into sugar in order to create a sugar circle.


1. Load the siphon with two soda loads
2. Shake it strongly to make sure the loads get well mixed to the cocktail.
3. Fill the glasses with the sparkling Mai Tai, and serve.

See you in the next articles of “Make the perfect Christmas menu with our recipes!”

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