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Make the perfect Christmas menu with our recipes! - #2: Watermelon with Sangria

In our previous article of this series of articles about Christmas dinner recipes, we gave you an idea of Christmas cocktail, the Sparkling Mai Tai.

Now, here is another original idea: do you like sangria? Yes? So this recipe is made for you: Watermelon…with Sangria! A creative Christmas appetizer!

Watch the video of the récipe on our YouTube channel:

Here are the ingredients you will need for this Christmas Appetizer for 10 people:

- 2 freezer bags
- 1 grater
- 10 individual bowls

- 250ml red wine
- 100ml triple sec
- 100ml banana liquor
- 100ml white vermouth
- 100ml brandy
- 100ml orange juice
- 5kg seedless watermelon

To decorate :
- 24 atsina cress sprouts
- Orange zest from 1 orange
- 15 mint leaves

To present:
- Crushed ice


Preparing the sangría

1. Pour all the ingredients into the shaker, and shake to mix them.

Preparing the watermelon

1. Cut the watermelon into 2cm thick slices, then cut the slices into 2cm wide slices, until you get 8 dices per person.

Preparing the Watermelon with Sangria

1. Clean and dry the mint branches, remove the smallest leaves, keep the rest of the leaves on the branches.
2. Wash and peel off 6 stripes of orange zest with a vegetable grater.
3. Put 40 dices of watermelon in each freezer bag, pour the sangria into the 2 bags, add 2 fresh mint branches and 2 orange zest stripes in each bag.
4. Vacuum seal the bags (or remove the air from the bags manually) and put into the fridge for two hours.

1. Open the freezer bags, and take out the watermelon dices.
2. Cut the orange zest into 1mm wide shreds.
3. Fill the serving bowls with crushed ice, and put 8 watermelon dices in each of them
4. Grate orange zest above the watermelon
5. Add some small mint leaves and 1 atzina cress sprout above each watermelon dice.
6. To finish the presentation, add two orange zest stripes to each bowl

See you in the next articles of “Make the perfect Christmas menu with our recipes!”

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