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your Princesa Yaiza room



A cozy decoration, live music, an excellent attention of the staff.... Our bars are specially adapted to the needs of our guests. Enjoy your favourite drinke, have a good conversation, immerse yourself in a good book, or just take a break between your activities.

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A cosy place to enjoy your favourite drink while talking to your partner or friends, or just enjoying the spectacular sea view from the terrace. During the night, live music makes the evening even more enjoyable in this enchanting atmosphere. The perfect environment for lively or witty conversations.

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In a pleasant atmosphere, we are preparing the best and most varied cocktails, spirits and drinks in an exquisite and original way, providing a culinary delight for all those who would like to enjoy the melodies of the music groups or the best and most famous shows of the island.

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La Papaya


A tropical oasis right by the pool to enjoy the most varied selection of natural juices and cocktails.

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Snack Bar

Situated in the pool area of the family block, in a very cosy and quiet atmosphere. It offers a varied selection of drinks and light meals to accompany the breaks during your sunny day. (Opening depending on season).

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Pool Bar

Located in the Kikoland children's park, with a varied offer for children of all ages and their parents. (Opening according to season).

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La Plaza

On the Plaza Princesa Yaiza, you can enjoy in our "Gelateria" apart from a delicious ice cream selection of over 25 flavors also a large selection of cakes, creps, snacks and smoothies.


Taste our specialties

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Order your cocktail

Acidic and creamy flavours, delicate and intense combinations and a wide range of colours and flavours that are mixed into our Cocktail selection.

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