The next gastronomy days at Hotel Princesa Yaiza will feature the chef Tristan Brandt

All those passionate about the gourmet cuisine have an appointment in Lanzarote next August. During days 1st, 2nd and 3th, the German chef Tristan Brandt will offer his gastronomy days at restaurant Isla de Lobos, within the cycle of gastronomy with Star that Hotel Princesa Yaiza has been organizing for years, to join the high cuisine of a Michelin Star chef to the avant-garde and proximity cuisine with the local products from Lanzarote.

At his 33 years of age, Tristan Brandt has received two Michelin Stars along his career as a chef, which make him the youngest German chef to have achieved this recognition, always under the motto that you have to work hard to achieve things in life, a philosophy that has also brought him other gastronomy awards along his career as a chef. Usually, it is only possible to enjoy his creations at restaurant Opus V, located in Mannheim, Germany, but for some days it will be possible to delight yourselves with his dishes in Lanzarote. His restaurant could not have a better name, Opus is the Latin word that is used to describe the result of a creative word or a successful composition. An encouraging anticipation for starters and have an idea about what this appetizing event will offer to us.




His culinary style is based on regional and seasonal products, combining with great talent German and international ingredients. His first commandment in the kitchen is daring to experiment, but always preserving the identity and flavour of every ingredient. Every dish becomes a unique experience, with surprising flavours that wake up all your senses. During these days, Tristan Brandt will count on the incomparable support from the team of chefs of the gourmet restaurant Isla de Lobos at the hotel, so it will be a pleasure for all the attendants to these gastro days to enjoy the union in the kitchen of Brandt’s international mastery with the culinary techniques of the hotel team of chefs and the local products of our island.




Locals and visitors, in addition to the guests located at Hotel Princesa Yaiza, will be able to enjoy the magic of the cuisine in the incomparable setting where restaurant Isla de Lobos is placed, with a spectacular panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and the neighbouring islands of Lobos and Fuerteventura as witnesses.

The price of the tasting menu will be 90 € or 125 € if it includes wine pairing. The most demanding palates who don’t want to miss these unique days can already book.

Princesa Yaiza

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