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Swimrun Lanzarote

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23-11-2019 || 8.00

By Centro Deportivo Fariones

The Swimrun Lanzarote, organised by the Centro Deportivo Fariones, comes back for a third edition!

Since 2018 it has been included in the Head Swimrun Series by Garmin.

Swimrun is an endurance sport in which you run and swim with your partner along a set course of cross country/trail runs and open water swims without stopping in between.

The third edition of Swimrun Lanzarote by Centro Deportivo Fariones will be held on November 23. We invite to participate and enjoy this race and the island of Lanzarote. Inscriptions are opened. The registrations are limited to 200 teams


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- Starter = 8 km [25% swim] 35€

- Sprint = 17 km [23% swim] 60€

- Marathon = 40 km [20% swim] 100€

- Chinijos (kids) = 1 - 3 km [28% swim] 5€


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