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Stratvs Winery tour

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28-03-2023 || 11.00

Every tuesday / 11.00 hrs /

Make your reservation to visit the Stratvs winery in La Geria, in small groups, every tuesday at 11:00.

Advance booking is required. 

The guided tour consists of getting to know the modern facilities of the winery and the different stages of winemaking, as well as the history of a unique form of cultivation in the world, such as the vines of La Geria and their cultivation and harvesting process.

To complete the experience, enjoy a tasting of Stratvs wines in our Gourmet shop, accompanied by a tasting of the renowned Finca de Uga cheeses.

The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Price 20€/adult - 10€/children (13 -17 years) - Children (visit included, drinks will be charged)

Price with transfer 37€/adulto - 27,50€/children (13 -17 years) - 17€ / children



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