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Prior booking is required (at least 30 minutes in advance). Due to health restrictions, the supervised classes programm is inactive

The Princesa Yaiza sports centre is perfectly equipped for a complete and effective training. For this purpose we offer modern cardio machines and a fully equipped strength training area, completely redesigned by the prestigious leading fitness company Technogym, which is known for its innovations. Furthermore, there is a special area for training programs such as Cross-Training or Paleo-Training, which are offered daily on request. Access to the sports centre is permitted from the age of 16.


The supervised classes programm is inactive


    DURATION: 50 minutes

    Cardiovascular activity on adjustable exercise bicycle where you can pedal at different intensity and speed. It is a medium and medium-high intensity session indicated to help you with weight management, improvement of your cardiovascular system and toning of legs and gluteus.
    TYPE OF EXERCISE: Cardiovascular.
    CALORIES: 350 - 700 kcal, depending on your body weight and achieved intensity.
    BENEFITS: It improves your cardiac fitness.

  • CORE

    DURATION: 10-15 minutes

    Core Training is a kind of training of the muscles located in the central region of our body, that is to say, abdominals (visible and deep), lumbar muscles, gluteus, pelvic floor and muscles involved in posture as spinal erectors.
    TYPE OF EXERCISE: Abdominal strength and lower back compensation.
    CALORIES: approximately 75 kcal.
    BENEFITS: It works out and builds the stomach muscles and protects your back.


    DURATION: 50 minutes

    Group tone session conducted with background music aimed at working out all major muscle groups in a dynamic way.
    TYPE OF EXERCISE: Strength-resistance.
    CALORIES: 250-500 kcal, depending on body weight and intensity.
    BENEFITS: Improvement of general physical condition, strength and resistance.


    DURATION: 30 minutes

    Medium and high-intensity training which uses exercises from weightlifting and similar disciplines for the development of strength and muscle resistance.
    TYPE OF EXERCISE: Functional.
    CALORIES: 200-400 kcal, depending on intensity and body weight.
    BENEFITS: Full physical improvement, especially of muscle strength.


    Personalized Program

    The Sports Centre Princesa Yaiza offers an individual training service. This service is directed to anyone who wishes a follow-up or special attention, with specific objectives with respect to the predefined programs. Your personal trainer will track your progress at your own rhythm.

Complete and efficient training

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