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At PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL RESORT, we are committed to QUALITY with the aim to establish a framework of dialogue with our customers and suppliers, to improve our working systems and, as a result, to achieve customer satisfaction.


We are an independent 5* luxury hotel, our mission is to constantly strive for customer satisfaction, employee development and shareholder profitability through excellence in service and encouraging innovation, in a sustainable and ethical environment.


To achieve our purpose, we have established the following operating principles, on which our Quality System is based:
- Assume as our own the needs and expectations of our customers.
- To offer the services demanded based on criteria of Security, Hygiene and Innovation.
- Maintain communication with our customers, staff and suppliers, to detect opportunities to improve our processes.
- To achieve and maintain an adequate level of technical preparation of the personnel through continuous training.


Committed to sustainability, we are working on the implementation of a system that guarantees an adequate management of resources and the protection of the environment, as well as meeting the demands of the society. For this reason we commit ourselves to comply with and enforce the following principles:
- Implement environmental criteria in the development of our activities promoting environmental awareness of our staff, suppliers and guests.
- Use continuous improvement as a system to make the consumption of energy resources more efficient.
- Prevent the generation of waste through its reduction, reuse and recycling.


The decisive involvement of the General Management in maintaining and exceeding the service level agreements is an imperative of the QUALITY objectives to be achieved. These objectives are the following:
- To create and to maintain behavioural guidelines that ensure a continuous improvement of our infrastructures and services.
- Investigate and act on the causes of detected problems in order to prevent them and avoid their repetition.
- Consolidation of a self-conditioning awareness within the entire PY team


The social development program of the PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL RESORT is based on the 5 main pillars:
- Training and development of our staff.
- Collaboration with the local community.
- Take care of the health of our employees.
- Equal opportunities.
- Social dialogue.


To achieve this goal, our pillars are divided into commitments in which we coordinate our actions and decisions: - Ensure that employees' rights are respected and comply with legal requirements affecting our sector and those of our autonomous community - Training of our personnel through the development of a training plan based on the needs of the company as well as the performance of team evaluations. - Participate in the local life of our island by promoting its prosperity and collaborate with various organisations that carry out social actions to promote the economic and social welfare of our region. - Develop mutually beneficial relationships with schools by providing training programmes for future professionals in our sector. - Work-Life Balance: To promote the balance between private and professional life by adjusting working hours as much as possible. - Take care of the health of our staff by training them in the prevention of the risks that affect their work and providing them with their personal protective equipment. - Promote equal opportunities by rejecting gender and racial discrimination throughout the selection and recruitment process of our employees. - Promote an open communication between the different bodies of the company (Works Council, Health and Safety Committee, Equality Committee) and maintain an open and direct communication between the company and its employees. As Director, I am the first committing myself to comply with the provisions of our Social Development Program and to ensure that it is followed throughout the company.


At PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL RESORT we are committed to implementing a working system that guarantees the protection and the respect of the environment and the biodiversity/ sustainability of our island Lanzarote, as well as the optimal use of natural resources. In order to achieve our objective, we have defined our Environmental Policy by providing the reference framework of our values and action guidelines towards the preservation of the environment. Based on this document, PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL RESORT hereby commits to the following:

To apply our philosophy of continuous improvement to each of our processes in order to increase their environmental efficiency and to constantly evaluate the consumption levels of our hotel and its waste management process in order to maintain control of their impact on the environment. - Comply with the laws and regulations in force and applicable to the company as well as comply with the requirements of social responsibility, safety and risks. - Involvement of all employees in achieving the specified environmental objectives through internal training and awareness programmes. - Rationally use of resources, minimising the consumption of water, energy and paper; reducing the generation of waste through recycling and reutilisation. - Promote good environmental practices among our suppliers and customers. - All PRINCESA YAIZA SUITE HOTEL & RESORT employees are responsible for protecting the environment. As Director, I am the first to commit myself to fulfilling and ensuring compliance with the terms of our Environmental Statement.

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