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Isla de Lobos (1 Sol Repsol) 2020-2023

/ Temporarily closed for upgrades until December 21 /

The restaurant Isla de Lobos is the gastronomic stronghold of the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, awarded by the Repsol Guide (Spanish equivalent to the Michelin guide) 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. Recently chosen as the Best Hotel Restaurant of the Canary Islands 2020, with a chef, Gonzalo Calzadilla, awarded as the Best Chef of the Canary Islands. Located in an idyllic setting, with a magnificent terrace with stunning sea views to Fuerteventura and Isla de Lobos.
Exclusive gourmet restaurant with a dreamlike atmosphere which applies avant-garde techniques to traditional cuisine, creating innovative and unique dishes.
Prior reservation is required (you can also reserve your table through the Princesa Yaiza App)
*Gentlemen are advised to wear long trousers and closed shoes. Sportswear, beachwear and/or flip-flops are not allowed.

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The philosophy of the restaurant is based on a tasteful cuisine with the best raw materials from our region, as the restaurant Isla de Lobos works hand in hand with local producers, fishermen and the Finca de Uga, which offers their creations an incredible selection of exclusive products and exceptional quality. A traditional cuisine in which new techniques are used to create new textures and flavours respecting always the product and its origins. With our creations we give a special touch to the best raw materials of our islands. The result is an avant-garde cuisine of contrasts, prepared to offer our guests a unique culinary experience that delights all five senses.

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Gonzalo Calzadilla

Chef Isla de Lobos
Best Chef of the Canary Islands 2019

I'm not satisfied with just preparing food. I love to create emotions.
"In our dishes I want to express the respect I have for the product, and for the farmers, cattle breeders and fishermen behind it.”

Pablo Benito


"I am looking for an excellent service to transmit emotions that allow that allow our guests to have an unforgettable experience"



"I suggest a trip through the world through the flavors, memories, aromas of wine for you to enjoy our wine list. Wines with soul that express the philosophy of the wine world"


Avant-garde cuisine of contrasts, prepared to offer our guests a unique culinary experience that delights all five senses.

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Author's cuisine

A culinary pleasure

with all senses

Our wines

Wine menu

Our wine menu contains more than 170 references from all over the world, which show a specific character, a tradition and above all a passion for the world of wine. Join our sommelier on a journey to different places in the world, discover sensations, remember places and make new experiences:
. Red wines from unknown wine growing regions, up to famous wines, which have marked the history of wine. Spanish white wines which have already crossed the New World on their journey around the planet, and white wines from new Canary Islands growing regions. To end this sensational experience a sparkling or a sweet wine.

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